Avignon: A tale of two cities

Couch to couch

When visiting a city, is it best to experience it at it’s day-to-day average period, or at it’s peak period? When something extraordinary happens. There are many cities where the difference between the two are so great that the city at it’s peak no longer resembles it’s average self, at least behaviorally speaking.

On one side, you want to experience the city as it is in it’s normal capacity. See how it operates in a standard environment. This will provide more of an indication of the true values of the city than those on display for the short period of time it may be running on overdrive. It will also allow for more opportunities to meet with the locals, as the town isn’t swamped with other foreigners that not only decrease the percentage of locals, but take up their time as well.

On the other side, if you are traveling…

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